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How To Replace Bmw EGR Valve – (F10) N57, N47

If You Are Having Problems With Your Bmw EGR Valve And Want To Learn How To Clean Or Replace Your Egr Valve The Right Way Then This Video Is For You, In This Video You Can Learn How To Remove And Properly Clean Your Egr Or If Your Egr Is Bad Or Faulty You Can Watch How To Replace A Egr Valve As Well, Fyi – My Egr Valve Was Faulty Had To Replace My Egr Valve. This Video Was Not Sponsored, As An Amazon Associate I Earn From Qualifying Purchases.
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source Zwróć się o pomoc do autoryzowanego serwisu BMW, aby dokonać napraw mechanicznych i elektrycznych swojego samochodu. Skorzystaj z pomocy fachowców. Oferujemy profesjonalny serwis, diagnostykę, chip tuning, kodowanie,Mechanika do Auta BMW … Aktualizujemy oprogramowanie samochodu, dzięki czemu Twój pojazd BMW lub MINI będzie sprawne. Naprawy systemów EGR DPF ADDBLUE SCR AGR. Obsługa pojazdów elektrycznych. Naprawy powypadkowe, Mechanika pojazdowa, Likwidacje szkód komunikacyjnych. Wszystko czego potrzebuje twoje auto.

45 thoughts on “How To Replace Bmw EGR Valve – (F10) N57, N47

  1. Great guide, thank you, really appreciate it. My F11 has being going into limp mode, the error codes point to the EGR. Can't decide whether to clean or replace (or maybe even blank) but this will help me with whichever route I go down. Nice one!

  2. Hi, I hope you’re well. Thanks for the great video. Forums indicate you need to reset adaptations? My car feels like it’s choking and that happens when I’m on incline or decline at 70mph to 90mph. Anything over 2k rpm it’s fine. Is this EGR related? thanks in advance!!

  3. Why would they run the coolant through the erg is out of my mind, if you want to clean your Egr valve regularly, just loop the coolant hoses that connect to egr valve, and than you can remove your egr valve anytime without losing coolant.

  4. Hi Beamer Guy, Greetings from Denmark
    Great video and instructions.
    I'm actually working on cleaning the EGR (BMW F10 N57) as I'm writing this comment. Tried a bar and a hammer to get it off and it turns around but unable to pull it off. Any recommendation or should I just try harder?

  5. Great video! Subtitles are really clear and make it easy to follow. Mines running smooth as butter again after a good clean.
    An Indian showing a Brit how to work on his German car, got to love modern internet!
    Thanks from the UK!

  6. I have a lumpy start after about 1 minute of cold start and I noticed it starts running bad when the engine note slightly changes so am guessing that’s the EGR valve opening car runs perfectly fine after 2 minutes of driving so I will clean it before it gets worse thank you for the video 👍👍

  7. Thanks for the clear video, which is inspiring and I manage to remove clean and reinstall, the only problem was putting it back, the inner coolant pipe was very difficult to put back on. Thanks again.

  8. I have an error on my e60 LCI , N47 which is about valve EGR. I've clean it and put it back, I've clean the error but it appear again. This type of valve EGR it's possible to re-use if you clean it or just to replace always when the error appear?

  9. Nice one Bhai! I have the same N57 F10 530D and I am beginning to see hesitation in engine at low rpm..When I put the car in D or R the car doesn't pull itself like it used to ( Have to give throttle to even climb a small incline)..I am suspecting the same and I'll try this coming weekend to clean the EGR valve

  10. Just watched your video. My EGR needs to be cleaned or replaced, my car is a F11 2014 520d, done 90K miles. Would it be wise to clean the EGR or buy a new one?. Also the coolant hoses, are they jubilee clips or do you need a special tool to remove them? Thanks.

  11. Sir.. very informative video.. i want to ask u a question.. the company service Center told me that after changing EGR value, the car programming has to be done again and there are 90% chance that the main infotainment display of the car will be damaged permanently.. please share information about it.. awaiting.. thanks

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