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Every BMW Owner Wishes They Knew About This Sooner !!

Every BMW Owner Wishes They Knew About This Sooner !!

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source Zwróć się o pomoc do autoryzowanego serwisu BMW, aby dokonać napraw mechanicznych i elektrycznych swojego samochodu. Skorzystaj z pomocy fachowców. Oferujemy profesjonalny serwis, diagnostykę, chip tuning, kodowanie,Mechanika do Auta BMW … Aktualizujemy oprogramowanie samochodu, dzięki czemu Twój pojazd BMW lub MINI będzie sprawne. Naprawy systemów EGR DPF ADDBLUE SCR AGR. Obsługa pojazdów elektrycznych. Naprawy powypadkowe, Mechanika pojazdowa, Likwidacje szkód komunikacyjnych. Wszystko czego potrzebuje twoje auto.

34 thoughts on “Every BMW Owner Wishes They Knew About This Sooner !!

  1. Look for Deltran connectors on trickle chargers. It's easy to find accessories for Deltran connectors. I have a 25ft. extension cable for trickle charging cars in my driveway. I have installed the hard wire charging cable on all my car batteries since covid. With BMWs, except SUVs, it's easy since the battery is in the trunk/boot.

  2. Hello. I have a Bmw E60 m57 231 Hp and i have a straige noise when I accelerate the first 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the car runs perfectly whitout any problems. I think it is the turbo but i checked it and it looks good, no oil leak the axel is stiff. The timing chain was changed, the noise is excluded from the engine. A friend of mine says it can be the gasket between the engine and admision where the turbo is mounted and when it gets hot it seels better because rhe metal is dilated. Sorry for my english.😁

  3. Nice one Dr 🙂 Thanks for giving the lowdown on how to do something that should be really simple, and to be frank BMW should tell you how to manage this. I called them up once to ask about it because I lived in a flat at the time and they told me no you cannot take the battery out or you may damage the electronics and chips in the engine when you re-install the battery. Nice to know that's not the situation. And don't forget people, if you remove your battery be sure you can get the boot lid open again as with no battery your locks will not open on power, so you need to be able to access the boot space and get to the manual release or block the lock from locking on the boot when you close it.

  4. If your battery charger is good enough you won’t have a problem. Cheap Chinese crap no, you need to spend and charge from the engine. Top don are pretty good, Noco as well the more money you spend the better. Most of the stuff is just a rebrand just get the best you can afford. Ctec are decent as well probably the most well known.

  5. Dr. B,
    1st thanks for the many videos that helps a lot of us with our BMW's. Now, what's going on with the 3.0L turbo engines that are now locking up at very low miles? At 92k miles and 2 days right after a service, the engine quits on the highway at 65mph. .. goes into limp mode and was able to coast to median. Now BMW state engine locked up but I'm like WHY? They make many assumptions that makes no sense! Any info is appreciated, fighting for a new engine!

  6. Hi Dean, great content, keep it up👍.I would like to ask you about locking the e60 and the issue that car is going to sleep mode… In the normal daily drive when i drive and then stop somewhere for few hours is it necessary also always lock the car or i can let him unlocked during the day ? Does he draining the batery always when is unlocked? Excellent video😀

  7. Hi,Doctor! I have a e92 lci with a few electrical problema that nobody until now didn t fix it. When I put the key into the ignition and start the car,the doors unlock and lock like crazy,same the windows go down and up,like u ar opening and closing the doors.Another problem is that sometimes when I put the ignition on,it automatically switches off. And another weird thing is sometimes I unlock the car and suddenly it lock s back.Any idea what can be? Tks!

  8. Hi Doc…. thanks heaps for your videos… I have used them for many repairs… I have an unusual problem… I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland…. just recently, if I leave the car outside on a hot day I have no crank… but go to start it when the day cools down…. bingo, start beautify, and runs lovely, I have purposely left it out when it's hot in the sun and if won't crank… Doc… what's your take on this… kind regards John.

  9. I have a 2007 BMW Z4 3.0si roadster. The car suddently would not heat and the BMW mechanic explained I need a new battery. Due to the registration of the battery (can buy tool to do yourself) but agreed to pay 450 dollars for the new battery plus registration. A few weeks later, the car continued to deplete the battery. I took it back and the charged the battery and it worked okay for about a month. I drive the z4 maybe once or twice a week but for short distances to the grocery store. The battery kept dying on a regular basis and the jump starter I purchased did not effectively start it. I used my Honda Accord to jump start from the front of the car and would then drive the BMW for an hour or more but the battery kept depleting after a few days. I purchased a battery charger and battery restorer (same device) for about 35 dollars. I hooked it up to the front of the engine but it said the battery was good. I took the chance and took the battery out and trickle charged or restored the batter from Fri to Sunday. Since that time, the battery has done well. I have spend days not driving the car and it starts up. I learned that if the battery is registered you don't need to register the battery: and yes, as this video states, you can take the battery out of the car for a 2007 and charge the battery. I had not fault codes when I put the battery back in the car. Of course, put the postive on first and then the negative. So far, car battery is working so much better and not having to jump start it every week. WIsh I had seen your video earlier as I didn't know if you could take the battery out (so yes, thank you as I live on the 3rd floor in Dallas and have no garage to charge it other ways). Taking the battery out and charging it made the car work right again.

  10. Very thorough video. I've only charged my battery using the procedure you show. Works very well. I hadn't heard about locking the car to put everything to sleep while charging. I've fully charged my battery without locking the car in the past. However, I'll try locking it when I next need to recharge and see if that might improve the speed of fully recharging. Also when using these modern chargers to "repair/desulphate" a battery I disconnected the battery from the car and charged it directly as I had read that the repair modes pulse high current into the battery to do the "repair" and these high pulses might damage some modules in the car if done using the terminals under the bonnet. Is this correct? ( I use a 10 amp battery charger).

  11. what brand battery are you using?..have you heard of the "antigravity" batteries that are supposed to be able to jump-start themselves?(not sure if they're available everywhere)

  12. stunning content az allways bro that new garage is just amazing i would live in that stunning bro great to c your back stunning channel all the best bro for the future

  13. Were you a mechanic before you started youtube or was it all self-taught? Either way good to see you back. I've got an R53 for fun and am getting everything overhauled on it as we speak, then looking to get a 3 series with the N52 engine to use my daily. 🙂

  14. Besides the BMW software computer INPA is there any other scant tool that registers a battery I know they say they can't I have the Fox well nt 530 it says it can but it can't

  15. I've charged the battery from the front and back before without issues. I've seen the BMW documents saying to charge from the front only because the car won't be able to determine the state of charge properly if you are charging it from the back. My personal experience has been different, charging from the back has never caused an issue on my cars.

  16. Excellent video 👍🏽 I’ve just put my E93 330i in the garage for winter and wasn’t sure how to charge it with my battery maintainer or if I was ok to use the connections under the bonnet! This answers everything I particularly like the part to lock the car as I would have left it unlocked what a top tip! Thank you!! 👍🏽

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